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Warehouse Storage Systems / Dressed Warehouse Racking System

Aysan Raf provides customers buildings and shelves very quickly by using the most advanced technology in dressed warehouse racking systems. Dressed warehouses provide great convenience to the customers in logistics sector and archiving system, and using different materials by dismantling systems. Dressed Warehouse Racking System is economic at the same time. It can be provided to customers rapidly by producing modularly fabricated due to fast production and dismantling system.

  • It is more suitable than steel and concrete constructions in terms of cost and time.
  • Warehouse can be utilized more efficiently compared to steel and concrete constructions because it doesn't contain pillar and traverse which span unnecessary volume.
  • Aisle distances can be adjusted according to forlift at the construction time, however it can't be changed later.
  • It is prefered in automatic racking systems because it's high.